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heritage stone restoration Via rail terminal,relaimed granite countertops,chief peguis landmark monument ..Heritage Restoration Via Rail Terminal..... Reclaimed Granite Countertops ....... Chief Peguis Monument, Wpg, Mb...


R. Meyers Stoneworks is the personalized business of Stone Craftsman and Stone Care Technician Rod Meyers - a 4th generation Stone Artisan trained in German and Italian stoneworking techniques. Rod has over 25 years of experience in the Dimensional Stone Industry as a Quarryman, Monument Builder, Stonemason, Granite Craftsman, and Natural Stone Restoration professional. As a freelancer Rod enjoys the unique challenges that each new project offers and dedicates his extensive trade knowledge and skills in three areas of specialization...


Stone Care Maintenance  Preservation & Protection - Repairs & Restoration

Stone Recycling  Granite Countertop Reclamation & Refurbishing

Dimensional Stonework  Hardscape Art - Landmark Monuments - Stone Signage


"Tradition and Technology"


Old World Craftsmanship... combining the fine details of worksmanship and handcraftsmanship necessary to achieve precision with uncompromising results. An unmatched tradition for stone selection and grading with a conscientious attention to detail. 


"Advancing The Art Of Stone Care"


Preventative Stonecare considers design criteria, material selection, and after care pre-planning prior to fabrication and installation and is by far the most effective and practical approach to stone care maintenance.

Please feel free to contact me for stone care consultation at info@rmstoneworks.ca. and freely browse my stonecare gallery for more information on the range of services I provide to meet with your stone care needs.