R. Meyers Stoneworks
4th Generation Craftsmanship



Architectural Stone Installations

Granite Countertop Removal
Granite Handing and Transport

Stone & Tile Removal
Installations Dismantling
Granite & Marble Disassembly

Yacht & Boat Stone Interiors
Tile and Thin Slab Installations
Custom Boat-Fitted Stone Surfacing
Marble and Onyx Inlays

Custom Granite Countertops
Condominiums & Townhomes
Home Renovations & Custom Builds
Hotels, Bars, & Restaurants
Retail Stores & Commercial Offices

Stone Elements & Features
Tiled Countertop Designs 
Stone Window & Door Trim Casings
Stone Shelves, Sills, & Mantels

Stone Tile and Slab Surfacing
Tiled Showers & Tub Surrounds
 Stone Slab Walls, Floors, & Columns

Marble and Granite Tilework
Tilesetting and Grouting 

Countertop Back Splashes
Stone, Ceramic, & Mosaic Tile
4", 5" or Full Height Slab

Stone Products & Features
Custom Design & Fabrication 
Preparation & Installation Design
Stone Product Assembly
Prefab Stone Components
Structural Alterations