R. Meyers Stoneworks
4th Generation Craftsmanship



Dimensional Stonework

Quarried Granite Block
Whiteshell, Mb
Chief Peguis Landmark
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Granite Block Stonecutting
Granite block sculpting
Diamond hand sawing granite
Granite Niches
Inlaid Granite Panels
Sandcarved Lettering & Etching

Granite Quarry Block Cutting
  Splitting and shaping granite
Chief Peguis Monument
Relief carving in granite
Stonecutting recessed panels

Sculpting Granite
hand chiseling granite
Hand Carved Stone Face
Relief Carving 
Hand Carved Inscriptions
Hand chasing letters
Sandcarving Stone
Sandblasting letters in stone
Shape carving designs in stone

Granite Marker Stones
Granite marker stones
Engraved numerals
Engraved Boulder
Rock Art Carving
Boulder Land Markers
Joined Granite Table
Glass plate table top
Mixed granite slabs
  Interlock Granite Table
Beveled glass table top

Triangular Granite Table
Glass plate table top
Granite spherical element
Sculpted Granite Base
Glass plate table top

Drilling Granite
Rock drilling stone 
Splitting Stone
Squarring boulders
Granite block splitting

Rock Face Carving
Rustic stone face textures
Rock pitching granite

Monument Building
Dimensional stone artisanry
Granite monument tablets
Rustic granite monuments
Granite monument art
Monument Building
Custom memorial designs
Headstones and markers
Granite monument bases