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Stone Sourcing
With a Quarryman's sense for the integrity and quality of stone, an Artisan's eye for design details, and a Craftsman's finishing touch, I search and select the very best in stone materials available whether your project requires a single remnant piece or a full-slab custom fabrication... contact us


Leftover offcuts from custom slab fabrication jobs. Stone fabricators usually stockpile these in their stone yards to be used on other projects when short on matching material or for smaller architectural products where full slabs would produce too much waste. Contrary to popular belief they are valuable commodities since they are partially processed and stone yards will usually only part with them periodically to reduce overflowing inventories. Common products produced from stone remnants include:

  • Vanity Tops
  • Fireplace Facades
  • Table Tops
  • Bath Surrounds
  • Thresholds and Casings
  • Sills and Shelves
  • Repair Replacements


The most common sources for reclaimed granite are salvaged remnants from building construction jobsites or stone countertops removed from residential renovation upgrades. These promising finds can be recycled by a refurbishing process which includes all the necessary alterations and repairs prior to re-installation elsewhere. Most trading occurs between friends, family, and neighbours although complete kitchens and random pieces can be found in classified advertising listings under "used building materials." 


 Prefabricated (Prefab)
May be in the form of a semi-finished or a completely finished countertop piece. A fabricator may reject or discard a custom fabricated countertop for various reasons or import extra stock of prefabricated countertops for multi-unit projects. Often these overruns are liquidated and further discounted over time until cleared. Prefabricated lengths are limited for use in residential projects and tend to be best suited for standard cabinetry designs and smaller cabinet areas.
Full Slabs
The majority of marble and granite blocks used as architectural stone is quarried in countries such as Canada, United States, Brazil, India, China, and Europe with major processing of these blocks into thin slabs (veneers) done in China, Brazil, and India. Although Europe processes most of its marbles and travertines its technologies for granite processing are well established in these other major processing countries. Stone slabs in all types of geological formations are typically 2cm (3/4") - 3cm (1-3/16") in thickness with slab widths ranging from 3 to 6 feet and lengths in excess of 10 feet. The variances among processors for slab quality produced with the natural variances in every grade of stone type creates much diversity. Usually slab bundles are imported without prior viewing and distributors are limited by what arrives on their loading docks. With between 12 and 20 local importers of stone the best material available at any given time will alternate amongst the various importers and with each new shipment arrival.